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EBS SureCertificate Account

An EBS SureCertificate account provides you with a high interest rate and flexible access over a longer term. A really great combination.

Key Features

  • This is a 4 year fixed term account with access to your funds. By making withdrawals on the 6 month anniversary dates you can ensure that you do not incur a loss of interest. You may incur some loss of interest if you withdraw outside the anniversary dates.
  • The minimum lodgement for this account is €1,000, there is no maximum and no further lodgements are allowed during the term
  • The account is available to personal customers only
  • At maturity you can choose to remove your funds or leave your funds for another 4 years at the prevailing rate at that time

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Important information: Account terms & conditions apply. Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (D.I.R.T) at the prevailing rate.Complete access is allowed with EBS Sure Certificate throughout the term. If a withdrawal is made from the account at any date before the end of the 4 year term, the interest earned will be less than if the investment had been left intact for the full term.

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