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Family Savings Account

Interest rate effective from 5th October, 2015.  Interest rate is fixed for the duration of the initial 12 month period.

  Interest Rate AER*
All balances 3.00% 3.00%


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Important Product Note: The EBS Family Savings Account Year 2 rate matches that of the top tier offered on our EBS 1 Year Fixed Term Savings Account for rollovers.  In addition to your monthly lodgement, you can also make additional lump sum lodgements up to an annual value of €50,000 from year 2 onwards.  Full details of this product can be found on the Family Savings product page.

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Important / Regulatory Notice

*A.E.R is the annual equivalent rate. Interest is subject to D.I.R.T at the prevailing rate (for more information go to www.revenue.ie). Terms and Conditions apply. Interest is calculated on a 365 day basis

On any future maturity date your deposit will roll into a similar fixed term account which will receive the prevailing EBS d.a.c. fixed term rate at the time (unless instructions are received on or before the maturity date), until otherwise instructed by you


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